Middle Eastern Cauliflower Sandwich

I've been experimenting a lot recently with sandwiches and with cauliflower, and as is pretty obvious if you've been on this site for long, my favorite style of cooking is middle eastern. This is a great sandwich for a summer day. Filling, fresh, and light. Ingredients About 1/2c. Za'atar Roasted Cauliflower Good quality bread, like […]

Za'atar Roasted Cauliflower

This is part of my series of experimenting with cauliflower. I've found that cauliflower is kind of like tofu – you can add pretty much any flavor to it that you want, and the cauliflower does a good job of carrying it. The measurements here are rough. Add more or less depending on your taste. […]

Middle Eastern Chicken Wings

Ingredients 4 lbs chicken wings (preferably skin-on, organic and/or pasture-raised) 1/4 fresh lemon juice 4T zaatar 4T butter, melted 1-2t Aleppo pepper, to taste Process Toss the chicken wings in the lemon juice. Toss the chicken wings in the za'atar Toss the chicken in the melted butter Finally, toss the chicken in the Aleppo pepper. […]

Refried Kefta, Omelet and Tahini Sandwich

I had some leftover kefta kebabs, and wanted to use them in a creative way. Ingredients 2 kebabs (I like the Bulgarian kebabs in the Zahav cookbook by Michael Solomonov) sliced lengthwise Tahini sauce (1/4c tahini, 1 clove garlic, 2-4T lemon juice, water to thin) 2 eggs 1 or 2 pieces of high quality bread […]

Umami Mayo

OK, this is so simple that it probably doesn't even deserve to have its own page. But, it's so good on so many things, that I decided to include it. It's great in chicken salad or deviled eggs, on a turkey sandwich, and countless other recipes! Ingredients 1T Umami Blast Paste 1/4c high quality mayo, […]

Middle Eastern Lamb Pizza

I made a giant shoulder of lamb, following a recipe for Palestinian spiced lamb, from the wonderful Zaitoun cookbook. (It's now one of my favorite things to cook.) Clearly, I needed a way to deal with the leftovers. Ingredients For the Sauce 2T Primal Kitchen steak sauce (no sugar added) 1.5t pomegranate molasses (no sugar […]

Umami Blast Paste

This paste gives anything it touches an immediate umami transformation.

Chicken Liver Pâté

I have experimented with this recipe so much. This final version is closer to a French pâté than a Jewish chopped chicken liver, but has a lot more onions than pâté. It also has a bit of a sweetness from the caramelization of the onions. Ingredients 3-4 large Vidalia onions, sliced into thin rounds (about […]

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