2020 New Year's Resolutions

February 12, 2021
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I wrote these, as you'd expect, right around the end of 2019. I am posting them here, now, at the beginning of 2021. Clearly, 2020 was a wacky year for everyone. Despite that, looking back at 2020, I think I stayed pretty true to these resolutions.

  • More being on the field and in life; less being on the sidelines and in my head.
  • More curiosity and wondering; less planning, predicting, and worrying.
  • More doing; less waiting and rehearsing.
  • More seeking truth – not about anything, just what’s really true.
  • More present. Less future. Even less past.
  • More seeing the perfection of life exactly as it is.
  • Less proving anything to anyone, including myself.
  • More discovering what life can be; less living anyone else’s idea of what life should be.
  • More empathy, compassion and understanding. Less judging.
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