Power Snacks

February 12, 2021
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Wait, another "bar?"

I know, there are about a billion of these recipes on the Internet. Like smoothie recipes, we probably don't need another. But here goes anyway.


  • 1/3 almond/macadamia butter*
  • 2T cocoa nibs
  • 2T chocolate chips
  • 1T chia
  • 2T flax
  • 1T maple syrup 


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor. Form into golf-ball sized balls, put them in the freezer and enjoy whenever you need a boost!

* To make almond/macadamia butter, combine about 1c macadamias (raw, unsalted) and 2c almonds (raw, unsalted) to a heavy-duty food processor (e.g. full-sized Cuisinart) and let-er-rip. Just turn it on and leave it until you have a smooth consistency. It will take a while. It will appear to get stuck. Just let it run. If absolutely necessary, add some avocado or sunflower oil, 1t at a time.

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