I have been thinking about what I wanted this site to be for many years. I have also been building websites for many years, but never could make this site materialize on my own.

Then I met Peter, in a serendipitous way on Facebook. Through our conversations, I found out that he does "web stuff" and I asked him to build this site for me.

It went through several iterations, even before launch. Peter had so many great design ideas and he's just a master at all things WordPress and Oxygen, CSS and PHP. Seriously, he's probably the best CSS master I've worked with in nearly 30 years of doing "web stuff." And, he was extremely fair with pricing.

I'd strongly encourage you to check out his work and contact him!

Technical Details

We used WordPress and the amazing Oxygen builder. Peter hand-coded almost all of the page templates and gallery plugins using PHP.


  • Pods for Custom Post Types

Many of the stock images came from Unsplash:

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