Middle Eastern Cauliflower Sandwich

Za'atar Roasted CauliflowerToastCream Cheese (or Hummus) Pomegranate molassesToasted pine nuts (optional)

Za'atar Roasted Cauliflower

Tons of zaatar, sumac and aleppo pepper.

Middle Eastern Chicken Wings

4 lbs chicken wings (preferably skin-on, organic and/or pasture-raised)1/4 fresh lemon juice4T zaatar1-2t Aleppo pepper, to taste4T butter Roast 500. 10min/10min.

Refried Kefta, Omlette and Tahini

Kebabs sliced and refried. On top of a bed of tahini sauce and an omelette. Topped with toasted pine nuts and Aleppo pepper.

Umami Mayo

1T Umami Blast Paste1/4c high quality mayo, such as Sir Kensington's Avocado Oil Mayo Mix it up. It's great in chicken salad or deviled eggs, on a turkey sandwich, and countless other recipes!

Power Snacks

1/3 almond macadamia butter*2T cocoa nibs2T chocolate chips1T chia2T flax1T maple syrup¬† *To make almond/macadamia butter, combine about 1c macadamias (raw, unsalted) and 2c almonds (raw, unsalted) to a heavy-duty food processor (e.g. full-sized Cuisinart) and let-er-rip. Just turn it on and leave it until you have a smooth consistency. It will take a while. […]

Muhammara Fat Bomb

1/2c cream cheese (I love violife vegan cream cheese)1/4c muhammara ( or cauli muhammara)3T EVOO12 oliveswalnutszaatar1t aleppo makes 8. approx 9g fat each.

Middle Eastern Lamb Pizza

Sauce: 2T Primal Kitchen steak sauce, 1.5t pomegranate molasses, 1t maple syrup - mix, reduced to about halfPalestinian spiced lamb ( t. Double-click this text to edit it.

The World's Best Brownies. Period.

A recipe perfected after making it over 100 times.

Umami Blast Paste

This paste gives anything it touches an immediate umami transformation.

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