On Being a Dad

Being a dad is so special to me. Let me open my heart to you.

On Being a Dad

This document was created immediately after talking to a friend who was apprehensive about becoming a dad for the first time, and the ideas shared here reflect strong desire to help dads have a more joyous experience of being a dad. My friend is having a baby in 6 months and he's a bit worried […]

2012 Road Trip

On one fairly unmemorable Tuesday in the Summer of 2012, I was at the studio of my photography mentor and friend. He told me that he had planned a road trip to Denver to make photographs for a few weeks. At the time, I was single and could "work anywhere," so I made a decision […]

Teaching Photography in Bangalore, India

What If (Worst Case Scenarios)

Shortly after getting divorced, I realized that I could be okay no matter what happened.

Cauliflower "Muhammara"

I tried to make cauliflower taste like red peppers. Not bad, not awesome.


I have been thinking about what I wanted this site to be for many years. I have also been building websites for many years, but never could make this site materialize on my own. Then I met Peter, in a serendipitous way on Facebook. Through our conversations, I found out that he does "web stuff" […]

Hide Your Email from Spammers

No one likes spam. And it seems pretty obvious at this point that if you put your email address on your website, a bot is going to find it and then start spamming you. These bots are pretty advanced and will likely figure out any scheme like "me [at] example [dot] com". These 2 snippets […]

Anatomy of a Night Photograph #1

The first in a series: a guided tour through my process of creating a night photo.

What If This is Heaven

What if we are actually living in the midst of heaven but can't see it?

Combating Imposter Syndrome

Like all "syndromes," imposter syndrome is made of thought.

Your Last 15 Minutes on Earth

Some people say you should live every minute as if it were your last. Really?

Your Top-10 Problems

This guy's set of 10 problems was HUGE. But he wasn't upset.

2020 New Year's Resolutions

I wrote them in 2020, but they are good for any year, no matter what you end up achieving.

Why the Name "Furnace Labs?"

The logic for the name was multi-faceted and full of heart.

Middle Eastern Cauliflower Sandwich

This is one of my new favorite flavor bomb healthy lunches.

Za'atar Roasted Cauliflower

Za'atar tastes good on almost anything.

Middle Eastern Chicken Wings

If you love chicken wings but are sick of BBQ or Buffalo flavors, check these out.

Refried Kefta, Omelet and Tahini Sandwich

The perfect hangover, or just leftover, meal.

Brownies Cookbook Brainstorm

Making brownies is one of my favorite things to do. Here are some crazy future recipe ideas.

Umami Mayo

A new condiment to fix everything.

Power Snacks

Wait, another "bar?"

Muhammara Fat Bomb

If you do keto and like mediterranean/middle-eastern flavors, try this.

Middle Eastern Lamb Pizza

To turn exceptional leftovers into an exceptional pizza is life at its best.

The Basics of Thought

In as shot a way as I know how, here's how your mind works.

Boston at Night Project

I noticed myself I was in a rut, not having created many night pictures in a long time, and thinking that I needed to travel in order to do so. I soon realized that that notion was nuts, so I set out to make as many night photos in my hometown of Boston as I could. What you see here is a work in progress.

Travel Portfolio

Holocaust Kindness Project Gallery

Umami Blast Paste

This paste gives anything it touches an immediate umami transformation.

Chicken Liver Pâté

I have experimented with this recipe so much. This final version is closer to a French pâté than a Jewish chopped chicken liver, but has a lot more onions than pâté. It also has a bit of a sweetness from the caramelization of the onions. Ingredients 3-4 large Vidalia onions, sliced into thin rounds (about […]

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